• Klaudia Pasternak

    composer & conductor
  • Composer & conductor

    Klaudia Pasternak

Klaudia PASTERNAK |  contemporary music composer and opera conductor

  • Hello! Welcome to my website dedicated to my artistic activity as a composer. This website is not only for the connoisseurs of the music art but first of all for you – a person who feels the need to become familiar with the music which goes beyond the dominating pop culture trends.

    You will find here oratorios, ballets, piano and choral works, string quartets and solo compositions. Some texts of vocal and instrumental works have been written by me, and others have been taken from Latin prayer books or from the poetry written in many different parts of the world. There are works the writing of which took 12 months as well as those composed overnight…

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  • You may ask: what is contemporary music? Composing contemporary music can be compared only to painting a work of art or writing a novel. It is like an intellectual and mystical travel which begins and gets its shape in the imagination. Its purpose is to discover modern means of expression and sounds, to develop instrumental art with new techniques of playing and combining them into a coherent whole on the basis of knowledge, technique and deep reflection. Regardless of the music styles you can find here, striving for beauty through internal balance (composition) and through richness of means used is the major motivation for the imagination of a composer. For me.

    K. P.


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